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Pass molar

On to the earth draw dividing line.Pass molar number of players .Rules The playing share on equal teams and vystra are howled against each other on some rasstoya the scientific research institute, and between them is drawn a line.At each player it is behind outdone not big scarf.On a lot one of teams becomes driving Russian cabbage soup.The driving team stands still.On a whitefish to cash players of the second team pass for line also move forward before shout Fire!.After that they run back, and driving seek to catch up with them and a vyt board because of a belt a scarf.

In spite

Most sharply they are shown from the moment of the beginning of visit of nurseries educational institutions of a day nursery, kindergarten, school, circles and sports sections.In spite of the fact that in education of the child take part and many try to help tutors, teachers, heads of circles, the family bears the main freight of responsibility for behavior of the son or daughter.To find approach to the child, to create the psychological, favorable for his development the atmosphere in a family, parents read the corresponding literature often inconsistent, address to experts, consult on acquaintances and relatives.

Only in man there

They have no choice, no critical attitude they are completely under chinautla natural impulses, working within theM

But in these

And in most cases their hero is a hero, this is the the little boy, or the most unsuccessful.But he is doing everythingnot despite the difficulties, and finds a solution.And by working with children, I see KOs public way it develops theM

We should

You need to give children the opportunity to look at ourselves.This is a very important process, and he you should learn.We should talk about what it's doing, Pantheon Katia for cooperation older children to help young to understand picture of the world in which they are located.Children should know that they are doing the important thing, after all, the ability to analyze and discuss the most essential for life.We received a lot of useful tips and options for such discussion measuring and try to apply theM

Used during

On this phase the child opens for himself that such psychotherapeutic session and as relationship with the psychotherapist is under construction.Used during psychotherapy technology of active hearing help the child to make his story more harmonous and available to understanding, and also concentration of attention to the main promote the moments of the occurring events.It is very important for the hyperactive child, which needs the help of the adult with structuring activity.On the second phase when the child starts adjoining to the emotions and feelings, it is expedient to use technicians of a geshtaltterapiya by means of whom the child will be able it is better to understand the inner world, more fully to realize the aspirations and desires.

It is impossible

Strict education effectively and teaches children to discipline, if punishments do not humiliate the child if they are proportioned to his fault and the child is informed on them in advance.It is impossible to punish the child for the slightest fault strictly.Ban should not be involuntary, stated in a mine you irritation and anger.It is impossible to show severity maliciously, applying the physical force.Such manifestations of severity give rise in children to fear and one disgust for a ban is temporary.

Badly to people

Three years he grieved inconsolably.Regretted Solnysh to the Kind Wizard, stretched him a gold beam, and lifted sya it on the sky.There the Sun helped the Kind Wizard to build the Heavenly palace of happiness of blue heavens.Decorated The wizard star fires also began to ask the palace Saul nyshko Allow me to lower the Heavenly palace on the earth.Badly to people to live without happiness.Regretted the Sun of people and lowered the Heavenly blue the palace of happiness on the earth.


Whether there can be a person a scientist only thanks to the an emphasis to stvo and passionate aspiration to knowledge?Creative task Persistent Heroes Divide children into groups and distribute them drawings from a plot mi from known fairy tales.For example The resistant tin telltale, Ugly duckling, Cinderella, Three pigs, Scarlet Flower.Children have to tell how the persistence helped heroes of these fairy tales to achieve the object.Then ask children to think up a magic situation, kog yes heroes of these fairy tales will help them to achieve any objectives.

But how to attract

On the still, vegetative and animate levels connection occurs naturally and between people because of their selfishness, mutually Attal nodding force requires conscious effort of the people themselves.And their strem Part one of the likeness of the nature, causes the growth of strength, both at children, and people find the relationship between themselves and the like nature.But how to attract General force of nature to the relationship between husband and wife?Two egoists need to show how much they will receive from the right tion connection.In connection to people is revealed of integral Nai global system of nature the feeling of perfect and eternal real stupidity, like nature, the ability to rise above the problems of this world, to achieve happiness in the family.

Neighbors, having

What heart, kind at you!the beggar told.People never it will be forgotten.Passed some days, and Domingo got sick.Very much opecha his mother and the father flew.Neighbors, having heard about trouble, came in their house to console them and to divide with them a grief.Domingo put poultices to a forehead, gave to drink and pounded infusions from herbs, but the boy did not recover.Some nights about friends, and even blind which he fed sat at its bed, came to it when learned about his illness.

About The second

E Slee e e that p r about and skho d both t and a top of an usk e tsya mistake, provinivsh iysya the player about td and e t a ball I follow shch I eat at in turn.When a ball sn about va okazh it etsyatsya in his hands, d about lzh e by N you p oln and t with itself oho began a game.About The second game begins with the nd class, the third from the rd etc.The one who most quicker wins against the law chit to carry out the tenth game.The stock about tsutstvut.Game ploshch an adka on are opposite x the ends limit nesh roky strips.One of them it the house of clumps To Ulichnma y Jyoorobm shrmets, another the shelter d l I fly into a rage, space m an ezhda them carry t the name of a field.

I do not think. So far the person

Lines fingers

And chanterelle sister Masha poured waters.lines we connect palms and we pound their friend about the friend.lines fingers of one hand we pound each finger of other hand from the basis to tips.On a forest lawn Hares were played Pads clapped, Stamped legs, Waved ears, Above all jumped, Eyes looked, The song was sung Lyalala!Lyalala!Lalalyayki!Ah, what cheerful hares!lines we open palms, we raise hands and we wave the weakened brushes.

If it at them

Then they have to podpryg chickpea and to throw balls through counters.If it at them it turned out, they have to lift a ball, run up to svo to it to team and to pass a ball.Further this task the second players, the third, fourth carry out and so on to the last in a column.If at any participant do not receive the elk from the first to throw a ball through Phish ku, it lifts it, clamps between feet also tries again, and so until it not it will turn out.It is possible to arrange some relays, napri measures in the second circle participants also dolzh About ny to clamp a ball between feet, but peredv to gatsya by a back forward.

You see that

Well on what I to you, such small and shchuplenky?You will not even feel me on teeth.Take better than these nasty little girls!This there will be for you a titbit.You see that they more fatly than young quails.Eat both of them on health!.But the bear staid without turning a hair as though did not hear that speaks to it angry dwarf.It only hit it just once heavy paw, and the dwarf did not move any more.Girls very much were frightened and rushed was to run, but the bear shouted him following The Snow White, Krasnozorka, be not afraid, wait!

Any group

As at this stage even before as they are internally connected, is to develop in young people a sense of responsibility for the common cause?Usually in a group there are several people who do everything, and the rest of them are hiding.Any group is arranged in the form of the pyramid some do, others think others know fourth help everything has its place.Main to give everyone the opportunity to participate, and the post has no importance ing.But that will teach them to be responsible for their work?The importance of the environment.

Soiled becomes

Leader, protecting that, seeks to soil everyone coming nearer to bear, prezh than bear will receive easy blows.Soiled becomes a bear.If leader will not manage to soil someone and honey after all will receive the above quantity blows he becomes a bear, and put shy last blow the leader.At each exchange of roles participants run off on an initial position and only on a signal Vozhe come nearer and continue game in former on row.For the correct conducting this game trebu about observance of some conditions etsyatsya JT?ABOUT AT the lungs staining, that is putting to bear blows, have to declare aloud the struck blow, at than to strike blows it is possible only but turns, but not odes novremenno two or several playing; At l and h and m and Jborobyi and gr and if at the next stage of game somebody iz.

She was delighted

Mimol was amusing in a bright dress, with kras ny cap on the head.On her face was friendly kind smile.She was delighted to the new acquaintance and treated a hedgehog berries, mushrooms and tea.They told each other smesh ny stories, and it was very interestingly and cheerfully together.Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Draw a mushroom lodge for yourself and the family.From drawings children the exhibition sticks together The mushroom town.What quality of a hedgehog helped it to find the new friend?

So, if helped

So, if helped the pupil with reproduction of the difficult word representation of an image, it is necessary to explain to him that the same way can be used when learning dictionary words, the English text, historical events, etc.Decrease in level of negative emotional manifestations concerning process training, level of school uneasiness.One of important tasks of the teacher decrease in level of negative emotional manifestations pupils concerning training process, decrease in level of school uneasiness as the factor influencing the general success and development process by the competent letter frontal and individual work of the teacher.

The adult

Such shift testifies to that work with an album provides a zone of the next developments of the child, always slightly advancing possibilities of the baby, carrying away forward.The adult has to write whenever possible without editing the conclusion the child, having corrected in case of need only literacy of coordination or correctness of separate words, and only already then to add something sushchest wine and from itself if it is necessary.Mother finishes impression of the kid Listen to a song about a frog.As apple dewy, frog all spotty, Toy pads, wonderful eyes.

Draw this

What gives to people the sun?V Written work Present that the Solar Speck came to you on a visit on one day!Write, than you will be engaged.Drawing Present that taught you to put the Solar Speck beautiful patterns from berries, pebbles and pearls.Draw this pattern.Sketch Help of the Sun Children share on couples.One person from couple plays a role Saul nechny speck, another tells, in what affairs to it nuzh on the help and support.The solar speck has to I will come mother as it can be helped.

Small children, as a rule, it will

WHAT TOYS ARE NECESSARY TO US Let's make friends with an orangutan!The toy should not be very large.Small children, as a rule, it will frighten.If after all presented you a huge toy specially make friends the child with it.Show its weak certainly, in comparison with the child the parties that the baby felt confident in communication with it.Presented to Filyushe he is two years six months old a black orangutan, which and sitting was a cut above the little owner.The person of a toy monkey it was passionless but for this reason it seemed to the boy that she becomes angry; the child even was afraid to go by it.

Never tear

You already guessed that this one more expression ethics of awe before life?How to help the baby to have such feelings?Affect an advancing Hi, Cherry!As you dressed up.Look, San, what flowers!Even leaflets it is not visible.Be not afraid, Cherry, we will not touch any flower, we will not break any branch!San, tell itself, tell tenderly Cherry, be not afraid, be not afraid.Never tear armfuls flowers, branches.Be not afraid of some hominifying we already stopped on opportunities of use of reception of an anthropomorphism reasonably.

The stepmother

Came back home it pleased, and three silver spoons gives to the stepmother.The stepmother is surprised, spoons on a hand weighs, and about herself thinks Really, however, that fountain magic?Bring me three gold spoons tomorrow, but not that I you from at home I will expel, the stepmother told and slammed behind her a door.Again Anansi to a source went.She peers at water and bitterly cries.Where I will take gold spoons for the stepmother?Helped and this time to it water magicians.Swam up to Anansi and three brilliant spoons stretch to it.

We need to enter

In this case, the output is dy our research can be found in Internet, confirm many Human development from to by authorities.We need to enter into the education of the members of these sources, RAS toll us about uncovered the foundations of the universe.These concepts are the children should have to get not from a teacher.And You draw it from the office of the child and the teacher and say that the su there is a third thing.True.It turns out that the child sees the teacher as well as an example himself.But you also need to teach children the materials, concerning this the theme, the psychology of such a state.

That you with

Questions to the poem Present that the goodnatured person presented you a good handful.That you with it you will do?Why the good in a backpack does not decrease?As you think to whom is easier to the kind person or angry?Present that the goodnatured person with a backpack came to your family.That he will make for each member of your family?Creative task That Serves Us Distribute to children of a card with drawings of different subjects and ask them to think and tell how the person is served by those before Meta they got which.

In time be the hectare

To Ulichnma and Jborsbyi three teams not less than che igrysostyazatsya till lovek in everyone.Teams are built in columns.Opposite to them at distance of m three are thrust flazh .On the way to tags pieces of paper different to a tsva are scattered t white, red, blue.On the judge's sign standing the first players run to tags, bypass them also come back to the end of a column.In time be the hectare can try to collect pieces of paper.Rules Come back the first receives points, the second .

Mice get up for cat in a column. In se players

Lines we squeeze

This my song Short, as short flight of stairs Here steps exactly five It is possible to sing and walk.lines we squeeze hands in fists, we put one fist to another, representing a pipe.lines we straighten palms and we connect serially small pillows of fingers of one hand with small pillows of fingers of other hand.Two frogs jump Green girlfriends.Mosquitoes they ate, Wanted to walk.Flopflop legs, Crackcrack palms!

Child of an otvech

Mumu!movement Milk to whom?Oh, bullcalf, you, bullcalf Golden flank, Do not butt, do not low, You go, do not brattle!Mumu!Mumu!movements Sits on a window Little cat Meowmeow!Meowmeow!movement Meowmeow!movement The cat peeps The stomach hurts me!The adult gives tasks.Once upon a time there was a cow.She spoke.child of an otvech et.To it the kitty came and told..A cow with it greeted.

They laughed

And what if the child does not perceive this content or not can connect with what they see in a regular school?The mood in children often changes it they like, no, you want, then no.The same happens with vzroslymi I want to give an example.After spending a few games and discussions, looking the TV program, the children were happy.They laughed and spoke about the Association research Institute, love and communication.It was obvious that they feel good and nice to each other.Then began the meal.And suddenly the boy six years stands up and says, that doesn't feel a connection.

Tell each

, you can stop near someone from children.Tell each other why you chose these three things.And now start walking up and down on a class.Give to children the chance to resemble approximately for about a minute.Limit time of an exchange of opinions about thirty seconds.Then ask children to wander in silence again, reading records other schoolmates.After about eight signals Stop!children come back to the places in a class.Analysis of exercise Somebody chose the same, as you?Whose records surprised you?

The guy became

In a word, business went quickly.The guy became known in all capital city.The hearing about the new merchant reached the tsar.Marveled pribli zhenny reigning on new benches and there were any goods there to buy everything that is necessary for imperial army.And then and the tsar declared the guy the supplier.There was it goods to the tsar to sell, and about money was silent.The whole year delivered, and about a payment words.The tsar was surprised to such patience.

Anton dug a pole, threw

It began to rake the granulated sugar filled on a floor.To it to happiness, under a thick layer of granulated sugar it appeared real earth.Anton dug a pole, threw a sunflower seed there and cried Hey, guards, your so sweet candy prison, that I am thirsty.Bring it an aerated water jug the senior ordered policeman to the younger.Let drinks water from a barrel the younger guard answered nickname and, having opened a window in a candy door, stretched mal To Chick a jug with water.Anton with pleasure took some sips, and all poured out the rest on seeds.

Your truth, nice

.It was a pity for a breeze of poor people; it flew up to the girl, kissed her on both cheeks, dried her tears, played with blond curls and tenderly whispered to the woman on an ear Do not long, skorekhonko the wind will arrive.Mother, mother, have a look, at the sea lambs ran!shriek the boy nulnut.Your truth, nice blew into a breeze, mother told, those is per the father will be back soon.And it is right; far, far at the sea zabelet a sail, and there came up from waves also the boat and quickly on rushed to the coast.

What they

Than you can help homeless cats and dogs?Present that all inhabitants of the apartment of the aunt Dasha solved from to thank her for care.What they for it can make?To what animals and birds of people can help in a winter icy cold?Creative task People and Animals Children have to think and tell, how house a stomach the ny can help the person at a difficult moment.Then chooses sya leader.He calls any profession, in which animals help people.For example forester, militiaman, plowman, circus performer etc.

Tutor suggests

Cunning lasa Description of game The playing stand around on distance of one sha hectare from each other.Out of a circle the house of a fox is outlined.Tutor suggests playing to close eyes.Children close eyes, and the tutor bypasses a circle behind backs of children also touches one of playing, which hundred it novitsya by a cunning fox.Then tutor of a prelog et playing to open eyes and attentively to look, who from them the cunning fox whether will give out she herself than nibud.

The senior

Whether it seemed to you sometime that you most important in what to either company or group of children?Whether this feeling was pleasant to you?Application Aquarium Suggest children to make the general application of an aquarium with small fishes, a crab, pebbles and seaweed.The senior children can draw or cut out from color ache papers of inhabitants of an aquarium; for younger the teacher zara it cuts out preparations.THAN I AM PROUD M

For that it jumps

Hare makes all movements, to a sootvetstvo yushchy to the text washes a nose, a mouth, an ear and wipes.For that it jumps on two feet goes on a visit to whom nibud from standing in a circle.That becomes into place hares, and game repeats.Game terminates when hares are replaced.Rule of the game Hare has to carry out the movements according to the text and to move only jumps on two feet.The instruction to carrying out game Children can sit in a circle on chairs, on benches ka, or to stand on a floor.By means of this game the tutor is developed at ty ability to carry out the movements according to the text.


Happens that the child and especially the teenager answers with angry reaction on the remark, a ban, the requirement of the adult.Therefore it is so important at communication with it children, pulsivny and inclined to aggression, carefully to think over and verbal party, and tone of statements.The prejudiced attribution of hostility is inherent in many children, they expect danger from any intervention from adults or contemporaries, on to skolk are sure of the hostile attitude towards themselves from their party.

Each fruit

Drawing Garden of Good Deeds Read to children a proverb Life is given on good deeds.Ask everyone to draw a life tree with fruits.Each fruit on this tree any good deed, which they dream to make for people.On the drawings children tell each other that they will make in the future for people.Then from drawings of children the exhibition sticks together Garden dob ry affairs.H Task for the house Offer children, having woken up in the morning, to think of that, to a lump they can help today.


If to me it is bad, parents shout or me do not understand, I leave to the world of imaginations, it is so easier to live.Imaginations are good when bring benefit but if they from laziness, that it is necessary to avoid theM

If children

You sometime thought of why people deceive the friend friend?There is a lot of answers that to offend nobody not to look it is indecent not to receive in reply aggression in the form of punishment, shout, humiliations.So far in the world there will be an aggression, humiliation, offense and the fear, will exist also deception.But the world begins with a family.If children in a family deceive, means, they are afraid to receive from you humiliation, shout or punishment.The person is so created.

So since

In one day, at one o'clock were born at us children.So, it is visible, it was necessary for the Sky.Let's not anger the Sky!To divide children on your and my!Let's grow up together, and after let's marry.The father Chzhekh had not to finish long the father Pekun, and in honor of engagement friends suited a feast.So since the birth Pekun and to Chzhekh were affianced.Passed ten years and four more years.Pekuna for his beauty and the sweet temper was taken in hvarana.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Why things

Teacher. And who remembers, what

The teacher

Then children are offered to think as still it is possible on to build a tower.The teacher suggests to start building with go, go cube, asks What will be farther?To make active the speech of children, asking them to call the sizes of cubes big, it is less, etc..The constructed tower is transferred on tumboch ku.Children are offered to look, what it high, pain ShaI

For the first

You would like to be a Queen in this game?Where I?GAME since years Purposes By means of this game children can be trained in ability to listen and in ability to be guided in space.For the first time hold this game in a class, to which children already well got used.Later you will be able to hold game and in other premises of school.Materials For a half of children bandages on eyes are necessary.Instruction Break into couples.In each couple one person has to put on a bandage at once on eyes, and the second will carefully drive the blind partner in a class by a hand.

The purpose

The composition of stories especially effectively during the work with hyperactive children and the teenagers differing, on the one hand, in the increased verbal activity creativity, and with another lack of skills of the analysis of the statements.Biblioterapiya.This type of therapy is also used in work with hyperactive children and especially the teenagers having problems of the personal and emotional plan.The purpose expansion of behavioural repertoire, understanding by the child of own problems, feelings and thoughts.Specially selected works promote calm of the child, increase selfconfidence heroes of books often successfully solve similar problems.


Release us!And the pretty bear cub heard that mother tells him, and was surprised of that it she was frightened?Us the boy to himself is lucky, he speaks to a shebear.We now at it we will live.He will begin to tell fairy tales to us.But the shebear is not appeased; roars and roars.Uslykhali people shebear roar, a pitchfork, who an axe grabbed who.All ran together and that see the shebear in a chest is locked!Bears wanted tsu to kill.Here the boy also speaks I kept the word brought a live shebear!

We are entering

If we had to work hard, in order to provide them with food, but today this is not necessary.Today % of the population may not work, and all we could get from mechanics of organization and technology.We are entering the era of such technologies when the person nothing to do % of the world's population provide mankind literally to all!That will do the rest?All the time to play football!Exactly and this is not accidentally.We must understand that faced with Pro problem either to destroy a population, or to give him a lesson.

Certainly, acquaintance

And still usefulness subject farm animals has to go in parallel with a subject thanks to theM

And still

Be washed away!And again try to feel that does your throat, saying all these rough and unpleasant words.Postaray sya to pay attention to each muscle of a neck and throat.And still the Second number has to attentively to listen and so far to be silent.minute.And now the Second number let will tell the First as its voice when pronouncing those sounded or other words.How its voice at the beginning sounded?How it sounded at the end?And as the Second felt number in both cases?minutes.

He remembered

There was it from chorus.It became bad to it with a cold serd tsemets.He remembered about the maiden.And so he wanted to see it once again that he began to call her.Also the clear asterisk rolled down from the sky also turned back before it the beautiful maiden.As looked at it Andrey, so in a moment also felt that his heart became again same as was.He took the maiden by hand and moved to the regions.And so it was now it is happy, as winged did not envy birds any more.They approached that person that the garbage raked.

Line several

lines we extend hands in the parties, we relax them and we wave brushes, as wings.line several times we incline the head to the rightto the left.line we turn to the neighbor and we look to him in the face.lines again we extend hands in the parties and we repeat the first movement.Crocodile at us now Closes a door for the night.Does not want to light a candle, As the grasshopper it chirrs.Well, and hesitates in the afternoon Ashore rolls, Does not sing and does not chirr, Only cheerfully laughs loudly.

From snow

It is useless.Mother told that I have for verses a memory not approaches the visual is, and acoustical no.A visual memory the most important is convincing Valechka told.You only submit the picture you sit in a lodge also you look in a window.From snow clouds darkened the sky, wind bears blizzards across the field.He howls, cries knocks on a window.Valechka with feeling read Drilling a haze the sky covers, Twisting blizzards; How an animal, it will raise a howl, That will begin to cry, as the child.

, . The igroterapiya


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